2019 Arkadelphia Needs Initiative

2019 Arkadelphia Needs Initiative

On September 10th, 2019, the citizens of Arkadelphia overwhelmingly (66%) voted in favor of a 1% sales and use tax increase in  Arkadelphia.  These new funds will be focused primarily on Public Safety (Police and Fire), Streets and Sidewalks, Drainage Utility, and Public Facilities. 

To facilitate the many need of Arkadelphia, the Board of Directors approved a $2 million Kick Start plan. 

This page is intended to show gratitude to the citizens of Arkadelphia and provide a source of accountability regarding the additional funding.

Current activity includes:

 2019 Kick Start Budget 
Fire DepartmentTurnout Gear 12 UnitsCompleted
 Rescue Tools – Jaws of LifeCompleted
 Turnout Gear Extractor & InstallCompleted
 Air Pact System Replacement Completed
 Station #2 Immediate RepairsCompleted
 Computer Upgrades Station #1Completed 
 Digital Emergency Alert SystemCounty 
 Relocate Repeater and Tower & PermitResearching 
Police DepartmentFirst 8 Vehicles Replaced 2 Received/6 Pending
 Immediate Facilities NeedsPhase 1 Complete
 Armory Standardization PistolsCompleted
 Immediate Car Technology Upgrades Researching
 Uniforms and GearComplete
StreetsStreet Sign Replacement/InstallComplete
 Immediate Repairs/ StripingIn Process
Drainage ProgramTrustees – Weed eaters & TrailerCompleted
 WPA Ditch Low Dam ReplacedEngineering 
 Maddox Branch Opened UpEngineering
 Purchase Tools to BeginResearching
2019 Approved but not FundedCode Enforcement Vehicle (1995)Ordered
 Replace Grounds P/U (1999)Completed
 Parks Mower & TrailerCompleted
AdministrationHVAC Town HallCompleted
Building DepartmentSoftware for PermittingResearching
Parks & RecreationSafety Fence at Baseball FieldCompleted
 Sportsplex Field Maintenance EquipmentCompleted 
 Preseason Sportsplex Field Work Completed
 Feaster Basketball Court Rehab & lightsResearching
 Recreation Center Gym Re-lamp (12 out)Ordered
 Lockable Shed for EquipmentCompleted
 Pool Skimmer Repairs/Equipment In Process

Thanks to the citizens of Arkadelphia for their support for the 2019 Needs Initiative!  Due to the effort of the community the City was able to level and complete dirt work to the baseball, softball and little league feilds at the Youth Sports Complex!

Check out the newest additions to the Arkadelphia Police Department fleet! These two are the first of the new Sergeant trucks, additional trucks will be added in the future. Due to COVID-19, our patrol cars have been delayed. However, we look forward to having these two wrapped and put to good use! Thank you to the citizens of Arkadelphia for the vote of confidence in the Move Arkadelphia Forward special election! These trucks will serve our Police Department well!

Athletic Field Services of Arkansas did a fantastic job on our full-sized baseball and softball fields at the Youth Sports Complex! The four little league fields are scheduled to be done within the next three weeks.

  • Parks and Recreation had a much needed new storage facility installed at the Youth Sports Complex.  This will provide additional shelter for tools and maintenance equipment.
  • Over the course of the next month, new signs will be posted on the streets highlighted on the Phase 1 Signage Map attached below. Batson Signs is helping the Street Department to replace older worn signs with new signs with enhanced reflectivity among the major streets within Arkadelphia.
  • The leaking window on the north side of Arkadelphia Fire Department Station 2 has been fixed and sheet rock repairs have been made.
  • The water leaking into the north side of the Arkadelphia Police Department has been repaired.
  • The air conditioning at the Arkadelphia Police Department has been replaced and is now operational.
  • To begin phasing in our new Police Department vehicles, we will see 8 new vehicles in the department around April of this year! The attached image is a sample of what our new Police cars will look like in 2020!
  • Baseball Field #5 at the Youth Sports complex has received safety updates recently. We have replaced the 20ft. poles with 30 ft. poles that will expand 145 ft. wide with netting to prevent foul balls from flying into the concession area, or toward spectators at nearby softball fields.
  • Much need improvements at the Arkadelphia Police Station began with foundation concrete work that was completed!
  • The Feaster Trail drainage project near the 10th Street Bridge is complete! This will improve drainage and provide a better recreation experience for those that frequent Feaster Trail!
  • Christmas came early at Arkadelphia Fire. Our firefighters are now all fitted with new turnout gear replacing our outdated gear. This helps insure the safety of each firefighter. Funded by Move Arkadelphia Forward 2019.
    A huge thanks to the Citizens of Arkadelphia for making this department better for our community.
  • A big thanks to our citizens of Arkadelphia. Arkadelphia Firefighters are unpacking and prepping our new extrication tools to be put in service this week. These tools will allow our rescue crews to be more efficient while working vehicle wrecks. Funded by Move Arkadelphia Forward 2019.