Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation acquires local soccer program

Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation is adding a new sport to its youth athletic programs.

Starting Spring 2022, Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation will offer a recreational soccer league for children ages 2 through 14.

The youth recreational soccer league has been under the leadership of the Arkadelphia Soccer Association (ASA) for years. Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation began meeting with ASA earlier this month to discuss the possibility of acquiring the program. The two organizations reached an agreement late last week, and decided the city would begin facilitating the program in Spring of 2022.   

“This program has a lot of history in our community,” Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Director Junior Rodemeyer says. “We are excited to maintain and improve on that history in the years to come.”

The Arkadelphia Soccer Association will manage the program through the Fall 2021 season.

Registration for the spring season will begin January 1, 2022. Registration will take place online, on the Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation app and at the Recreation Center. 

To learn more, visit

Employment Notice // Field Operations

Arkadelphia Water & Sewer Utilities

Arkadelphia Water and Sewer Utilities is accepting applications for its field operations position. 

Job Qualifications: 

  • Experience in underground utility construction
  • Experience in equipment operations
  • Issued valid Arkansas driver’s license
  • Able to obtain a Class B CDL


  • High school diploma or equivalent 

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. 

Those interested should pick up an application at the Water Utilities Office, located at 700 Clay Street, Arkadelphia, AR 71923. No phone calls, please. 

The City of Arkadelphia is an equal opportunity employer. 

City Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Meeting Agenda & Packet

The City Board of Directors will meet in the city board room at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. 

The agenda for this meeting includes: 

  1. Call to Order Mayor Byrd
  2. Invocation
  3. Approval of Minutes from October 5,2021 – Mayor Byrd
  4. Request to Speak to the Board – Henry Wilson
  5. Third Reading of Ordinance Assessing a Five Mill Rate – Gary Brinkley
  6. Second Reading of Ordinance to Rezone 215 N 24th St, 227 N 24th St and a Portion of 2410 Pine St – Gary Brinkley
  7. Consider Request to Suspend Rules on 3RD Reading – Gary Brinkley
  8. Consider Adoption of Emergency Clause – Gary Brinkley
  9. City Manager’s Report – Gary Brinkley
  10. Routine Business – Mayor Byrd
  11. Adjournment – Mayor Byrd

To view a livestream of this meeting, click here

Planning Commission Meeting 10/14/21

Meeting Agenda & Packet

The Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment will meet Thursday, October 14 at 5:30 the City Hall Boardroom. 

The agenda for the meeting includes: 

  1. Call the Board of Zoning Adjustment to order.
  2. Staff Report for Gravel Family Limited Partnership variance request
  3. Public Hearing to consider a request by Gravel Family Limited Partnership for a variance from the sign regulation at 2905 Pine Street.
  4. Adjourn Board of Zoning Adjustment
  5. Call the Planning Commission to order.
  6. Consider the September 28, 2021 Planning Commission minutes.
  7. Ishrael Wordlaw’s signage request
  8. Consider request for wall signage approval at 206 S 7th Street in the Central Business Redevelopment District (CBRD).
  9. Staff report for Joann Bullock’s request for Other Uses Deemed Appropriate
  10. Public hearing to consider Joann Bullock’s request to install an accessory building on a lot without a principal structure as Other Uses Deemed Appropriate.
  11. Building Department Report, DeAnna Graves
  12. Other business
  13. Adjourn Planning Commission

City Board of Directors Meeting 10/5/21

Meeting Agenda & Packet

The City Board of Directors will meet in the city board room at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 5, 2021. 

The agenda for this meeting includes: 

  1. Call to Order Mayor Byrd
  2. Invocation
  3. Approval of Minutes from September 7,2021 – Mayor Byrd
  4. Second Reading of Ordinance Assessing a Five Mill Rate – Gary Brinkley
  5. First Reading of Ordinance to Rezone 215 N 24th St, 227 N 24th St and a Portion of 2410 Pine St – Gary Brinkley
  6. Arkadelphia Festival of the Arts 2021 – Gary Brinkley/Julie Lacy
  7. City Manager’s Report – Gary Brinkley
  8. Routine Business – Mayor Byrd
  9. Adjournment – Mayor Byrd

A livestream of this meeting can be viewed HERE. 

City Board of Directors Meeting 9/21/21

Meeting Packet & Agenda

The City Board of Directors will meet in the city boardroom at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 21, 2021. 

The agenda for the meeting includes: 

  1. Call to Order Mayor – Gary Brinkley
  2. Resolution to Approve Acting Mayor – Gary Brinkley
  3. Invocation
  4. Approval of Minutes from September 7, 2021 – Acting Mayor
  5. Second Reading of Ordinance Assessing a Five Mill Tax – Gary Brinkley
  6. City Manager’s Report – Gary Brinkley
  7. Routine Business – Acting Mayor
  8. Adjournment – Acting Mayor

Due to COVID-19, we urge everyone to watch the meeting on one of these platforms if possible. If you have any business to attend to at the meeting, or choose to attend this meeting in person, we ask you wear a face mask for the protection of yourself and others. 

To view a livestream of this meeting, CLICK HERE. 



Performs a wide variety of semi-skilled tasks related to care and maintenance of the City’s Parks & Recreation facilities.  Expected to represent the department, and its philosophies in a favorable and professional manner while performing all of the position’s duties.


  1. Inspect facilities for cleanliness, safety, and general maintenance of sports facilities and playing fields on a daily basis.
  2. Maintain the dirt infields by leveling, grading, and dragging
  3. Identify unsafe areas both on the playing fields and surrounding areas and correct those as soon as possible.
  4. Install lines at the beginning of the season and maintain those lines.
  5. Follow the standard operating procedure check list for all facilities.
  6. Report any damages or repairs. Needed on any equipment.
  7. Maintain park areas for cleanliness which requires cleaning bathrooms, storage room, picking up litter, remove fallen trees and limbs and any other debris or unsightly material.
  8. Perform other tasks for the maintenance of parks and playground equipment repair.
  9. Must be able to work independently along with working in a team setting.
  10. Mowing & weed eating all parks & recreation facility grounds.
  11. Other duties as assigned.


  1. Possess a valid Arkansas Driver’s License.
  2. Ability to pass a drug test.
  3. Capable of operating standard size trucks and riding lawnmowers, and gas trimmers.
  4. Physically capable of preparing playing fields for games through the actions of hand-raking, shoveling, dragging and striping.
  5. Physical ability to lift a minimum of 75 lbs. to height equal to the end of a city flatbed truck in one single lift.
  6. Physical ability to perform outdoor work in adverse weather conditions which includes heat above 100 degrees and cold below 32 degrees.
  7. Have a personality that will allow you to work close with others and get along with the public.
  8. General knowledge of sports and field preparations. 
  9. Previous experience in field preparations and facility maintenance is a plus. 

Interested candidates should contact Parks & Recreation Director, Junior Rodemeyer, at 

City Board of Directors Meeting 9/9/21

Meeting Agenda & Packet

The Board of Directors will meet at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Boardroom, Tuesday, September 7, 2021.
The agenda for the meeting includes:
  1. Call to Order Assistant Mayor Gosey
  2. Invocation
  3. Approval of Minutes from August 17, 2021 – Assistant Mayor Gosey
  4. Request to Speak to the Board – Henry Wilson / Joyce Johnson
  5. Second Reading of Ordinance to Rezone 346 N. 10 Street – Gary Brinkley
  6. Request to Suspend the Rules for 3rd and Final Reading 346 N. 10th – Gary Brinkley
  7. Adoption of Emergency Clause for 346 N. 10th – Gary Brinkley
  8. Right of way Acquisition from ArDOT- Gary Brinkley
  9. Change Order No.2 for Contract 3 AWU-Gum Springs Rehabilitation – Gary Brinkley
  10. Approval of Acceptance for AWU-Gum Springs Land Purchase – Gary Brinkley
  11. Update /Consideration Caddo/27th Street Drainage Mitigation Project – Gary Brinkley
  12. Consideration of Acceptance of Bid for Feaster Trail Rehabilitation – Gary Brinkley
  13. Consideration of Change Order to Ejection Trailer Manufacturing Contract – Gary Brinkley
  14. First Reading of Ordinance Assessing a Five Mill Tax – Gary Brinkley
  15. AR Government Finance Officers Association Certification – Gary Brinkley
  16. City Manager’s Report – Gary Brinkley
  17. Routine Business – Assistant Mayor Gosey
  18. Adjournment – Assistant Mayor Gosey

This meeting will be live-streamed, or available on Suddenlink Channel 9. We urge everyone to watch the meeting on one of these platforms if possible. If you have any business to attend to at the meeting or choose to attend this meeting in person, we ask that you wear a face mask for the protection of yourself and those in attendance. 

To view a livestream of this meeting, CLICK HERE



The City of Arkadelphia is looking for seasonal referees/officials for its fall flag football, tackle football and volleyball programs. 


  • Officiate and control games, events, and competitions in a confident, appropriate manner.
  • Job Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervise and regulate participants and spectators during the game.
  • Dress appropriately according to the standard rule book for the sport.
  • Arrive at the appropriate time prior to game time.
  • Ensure all participants understand and comply with game rules and assess penalties when needed.
  • Make game calls with confidence and knowledge of league rules.
  • Make sure the teams have the appropriate equipment and inspect both players and equipment for any issues.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Possess an attitude of serving the public, maintaining a calm nature during disagreements from both participants and spectators.
  • Possess good moral character at all times; during, before, and after games.
  • Must not be under the influence of any controlled substance by law.
  • Physically capable of moving during the game to correct positions to officiate the specified sport on the field or court in order to make the necessary observations and calls.
  • Possess the mental capacity to comprehend the rules of play and make quick decisions.
  • Good Vision: officials must be able to view violations and infractions accurately during gameplay.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills: officials must communicate the rules clearly in a non-confrontational manner.
  • Decision-making ability: officials must often make quick decisions on infractions and other calls.
  • Teamwork: officials work with others to come to a mutual decision on rulings, and contribute to the development and educational experience of the team members.
  • Must have participated in the sport to the extent that he/she knows rules and procedures appropriate to the specified sport.
  • Weekend availability is required for this position.

Interested candidates should contact Recreation Programs Manager, Mickey Bivens, at 870.260.0859. 

City Board of Directors Meeting 8/17/21

City Board of Directors Agenda & Packet 8/17/21

Reminder, City Board Meeting
CITY BOARD OF DIRECTOR’S MEETING TUESDAY-The Board of Directors will meet at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Boardroom, Tuesday, August 17,  2021.
The agenda for the meeting includes:


Call to Order – Mayor Scott Byrd


Approval of Board Minutes from August 3, 2021 – Mayor Byrd

Third Reading of Ordinance to Rezone 223 N. 5th – Gary Brinkley

Adoption of Emergency Clause – Gary Brinkley

First Reading of Ordinance to Rezone 346 N. 10th St – Gary Brinkley

City Manager’s Report – Gary Brinkley

Routine Business – Mayor Byrd

Adjournment – Mayor Byrd

This meeting will be live-streamed, or available on Suddenlink Channel 9. We urge everyone to watch the meeting on one of these platforms if possible. If you have any business to attend to at the meeting or choose to attend this meeting in person, we ask that you wear a face mask for the protection of yourself and those in attendance. 

WATCH LIVE at 5:30 pm 8/17/21 with this LINK

Agenda Packet 8-17-21


BID NOTIFICATION- The City of Arkadelphia will be accepting bids for Arkadelphia Sidewalk Project-Addendum #1. ARDOT# 070464

Sealed  bids  addressed  to  the  City  of  Arkadelphia  Arkansas,  will  be  received  at  the  City  of  Arkadelphia Town Hall, 700 Clay Street, Arkadelphia, Arkansas 71923, until  10:00 am, Tuesday,  September 7th,  2021,  for  the  construction  of  an  8’  wide  concrete  sidewalk  along  Twin  Rivers  Drive. The sealed bids will then be opened and publicly read aloud. The work includes all  labor, material, and equipment required to perform the work as described in the project plans and specifications.


More information may be requested from the City Clerk’s Office, 700 Clay Street, Arkadelphia AR, 71923 between the hours of 7:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 7:30 am to 11:30 am on Friday.

Submit sealed bids to the Office of the City Clerk before 10:00 am September 7th, 2021.

By: Samantha Roybal, City Clerk


PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING- The Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment will meet, Thursday, August 12th at 5:30 PM at City Hall Boardroom.
Items to be discussed are listed below with the attached agenda to follow.


Call the Board of Zoning Adjustment to order.

Staff Report for Mitchell Funeral Homes

Public Hearing to consider a request by Jodie Mitchell, Jacqueline Mitchell, Craig Battle and Georgina Battle to allow the alteration of a non-conforming use / non-conforming building

Adjourn Board of Zoning Adjustment

Call the Planning Commission to order.

Consider the July 8, 2021 Planning Commission minutes.

Staff Report for Mitchell Funeral Homes

Consider Mitchell Funeral Homes’ request to install a ground mounted sign at 1809 Caddo in a Multi-Family Residential District (R-3)

Staff Report on Ouachita Properties Development Company, LLC’s request for rezoning.

Public hearing to consider the rezoning of 346 N 10th Street from Multi-Family Residential District (R-3) to Educational District (E-1).

Building Department Report, DeAnna Graves

Other business

Adjourn Planning Commission

Planning Commission Meeting Agenda Packet 8/12/21


ARKADELPHIA ANNOUNCES a$2.5 MILLION PARK TO HONOR DR. MLK Jr. – City officials unveiled plans for a $2.5 million community park honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. According to Mayor Scott Byrd, “This project may be the most significant addition to making Arkadelphia the community we all have envisioned it could be.” Mayor Byrd, a local dentist, introduced Chairman of the MLK Jr. Park committee Roland Gosey, a local business owner and a member of the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors. In addition, Mayor Byrd recognized Honorary Co-Chairmen, Dr. Fitzgerald Hill and Mitch Bettis; both Arkadelphia natives. Hill is a 1987 graduate of Ouachita Baptist University and served as Assistant Head Football Coach & Recruiting Coordinator for the Razorbacks. Hill was President of Arkansas Baptist College for 10 years. Bettis graduated from Ouachita Baptist University as well and is President of the Arkansas Business Publishing Group. Byrd stated, “The leadership for this project has deep roots in our community as well as throughout the region. The vision began over 12 years ago. I am fortunate enough to have seen the vision blossom and now become more than a dream. Not only will this park properly memorialize Dr. King’s contributions, it will serve as a legacy for all children, pointing them to a better tomorrow.”

The park will feature a quarter-mile walking path with educational kiosks that tell the story of the civil rights movement and the life of MLK Jr. Other features include an outdoor community amphitheater, youth empowerment zone, sports courts, play area and walking paths. The amphitheater stage doubles as a splash pad. A large open lawn adjacent to the amphitheater provides ample seating for community events. Arkadelphia City Manager, Gary Brinkley noted the site (previously the Clark County Hospital) serves as a natural gathering space for the city and is ideally situated along Pine Street; one of the city’s primary thoroughfares. Brinkley stated, “This was the former county hospital site where people came to be healed. When the Board of Directors made the promise to place the memorial park on this site, it set in motion a vision of a healed community. We stand behind that decision and have moved forward with the message of A promise made- promise kept. We can’t wait to celebrate this promise delivered.”
Dr. Fitz Hill is developing collations among local community and state leaders to create an alliance of teamwork and financial resources. According to Dr. Hill, “We have selected a theme for our campaign, ‘Teamwork to Make the Dream Work.’ The seed that Dr. King planted decades ago will now have the opportunity to grow and blossom right here in southwest Arkansas.” Hill, who serves on the Arkansas Board of Education, has enlisted the support of another Clark County native, Education Secretary Johnny Key, as well as Arkansas MLK Commission Executive Director, DuShun Scarbrough. The dream for this park has unlimited potential not only for the citizens of Arkadelphia but as a must-see attraction along Interstate 30. Other notable attendees at the announcement were members of the regional banking community as well as leadership from Ouachita Baptist University, Dr. Ben Sells, and Henderson State University Chancellor Dr. Jim Borsig along with state and local elected officials.
The park design was developed by Halff Associates of Little Rock and features an elliptical design of pathways and platforms for activities. According to Halff landscape architect, Sally Horsey “The park is inspired by Dr. King’s 1967 speech, ‘What is your Life’s Blueprint‘ in which he uses the importance of ‘a good solid blueprint,’ to illustrate the significance of planning one’s life.” The goal of the park reflects a commitment to provide a solid foundation. “Because of the park’s central location, surrounding neighborhoods, schools, churches and businesses have access,” Horsey noted. “The memorial site also provides an educational setting with gathering spaces for schools and civic groups to learn local history. It is a place for the entire community to enjoy the splash fountains, a youth empowerment zone featuring an inclusive play area, basketball courts, and restrooms. Streetscapes will lend themselves to the idea that the area is for all who wish to learn and communicate the message of Dr. King’s speech to, “Be the best of whatever you are.”
Hill said, “Dr. King’s legacy is tied to him planting trees for shade he would never sit under. That’s the definition of sacrifice and Dr. King gave the ultimate. Assuming the responsibility of Co-Chairman is something I knew would be time-consuming and require a sacrifice of my time. But I am inspired to educate future generations regarding Dr. King’s legacy to reactivate ‘The Dream’. It is my prayer that this park can serve a major part in unifying our city and state”.
In addition to Chairman Roland Gosey, members of the MLK Park committee include Nikki Chandler, Kyle Jones, Taylor Chaney, Lee McGlone, Martha Dixon, and City Manager Gary Brinkley. The Clark County Community Foundation (CCCF) an affiliate of the Arkansas Community Foundation is managing contributions throughout the fundraising process. To reach the CCCF, contact Deb Sasser at or log onto the campaign website at for contribution details. Don Hale of The Diamond Agency is providing campaign management and marketing services for the project. Additional information and construction timelines are available by contacting Julie Lacy, Arkadelphia Communications Director, at or by calling (870) 246-9864.


COMING TUESDAY, ARKADELPHIA NATIONAL NIGHT OUT, AUGUST 3, 2021, 6:30 – 9:30 pm- Future Site Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Park 1420 Pine Street. MEET THE FIRST RESPONDERS. FREE LIVE MUSIC! Bring your chairs and enjoy!




DRIVE-IN MOVIES IN THE PARK SAVE THE DATE- Don’t miss the next Drive-In Movie Series in the Park, August 5th, 2021, Thursday, next week. “Little Giants” will be featured. Showtime begins at 8:30PM.

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, outdoor seating, or tune in your automobiles.
FREE ADMISSION, thanks to The Southwest Auto Collection, Title Sponsor for our Movies in the Park Series! 
FREE SNOWCONES, thanks to Suddenlink, for sponsoring Goofy Greg’s to serve snowcones before the movie begins and during the movie!



Job Title: Recreation Center Operations Manager

Hours: Full-Time

Range: $30,000-$35,000 year

Location: Arkadelphia, AR

Job Summary: The City of Arkadelphia is looking for an energetic leader to join our expanding and progressive Parks & Recreation Department.  This position is responsible for all operations within the Parks & Recreation Center. Manage facility reservations for the Parks & Recreation Department.  Collect and calculate payroll & employee attendance for all department staff.  Maintain accurate bookkeeping records of revenues & expenses. Manage inventory for the recreation center.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain financial records.
  • Prepare bank deposits.
  • Collect and record personnel’s time for payroll.
  • Maintains up-to-date budget/bill tracking.
  • Prepare end-of-month financial data and reports for Director’s review.
  • Hire, train, supervise, and schedule desk aide staff and custodial staff.
  • Facilitate and manage facility reservations.
  • Receives messages and effectively maintains communication within the department.
  • Trains staff in revenue collections.
  • Perform other related duties as required


  • College degree in accounting, marketing, or other job-related fields.
  • At least 3 years of experience in accounting or bookkeeping.
  • Experience leading staff.
  • Ability to operate office equipment and computers.
  • Experience with recreation software & Microsoft Office.
  • Energetic personality with strong interpersonal communication skills.
  • High attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Skilled in managing multiple tasks/projects along with the ability to work in a self-directed manner.
  • Strong sense of ownership and initiative, collaborative and flexible attitude.
  • Ability to work overtime, evenings, and weekends.

Applications are available at: Arkadelphia Parks & Recreation Center 2555 Twin Rivers Drive

Or online at

Apply with this LINK

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Review of applications and interviews will begin immediately.

The City of Arkadelphia is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer.



The City of Arkadelphia, Arkansas is accepting applications for the position of Public Information Coordinator. Successful applicants will have a college degree in Communications, Marketing, Public Relations, or related fields. Applicants must have strong communication skills both written and verbal, be well organized in thought and execution, and possess the ability to work well under pressure. Please visit the city website for full detail of qualifications. The salary range is DOQ. Offer and acceptance contingent upon passing a drug test and background checks.

Send resumes to Samantha Roybal, City Clerk, 700 Clay St, Arkadelphia, AR 71923, or to

Equal Opportunity Employer. 


SOME ARKADELPHIA STREETS WILL HAVE LIMITED ACCESS WITH SLURRY SEAL-Arkadelphia Street Department will be working with the Slurry Seal Team, resurfacing Arkadelphia streets, beginning on Saturday, July 10th. The following streets will have limited access throughout the week of July 10-17, 2021. 
You will notice the Arkadelphia Street Department and a Slurry Seal Team begin work among the city streets of Arkadelphia, beginning this Saturday, July 10th, 2021. The slurry seal resurfacing project will be completed by the end of next week.
The mechanics of resurfacing the streets with the Slurry Seal is a multi-faceted labor-intensive project. The Arkadelphia Street Department has been working the last several months to ready the streets for the slurry seal. They will slurry seal approximately 2.3 miles of roads this year. The slurry sealing of the streets will lengthen the life of the streets 8 to 12 years.
Please use caution and be mindful of the crews and teams working together for Arkadelphia. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause throughout the week.


2020 INITIATIVE FUNDS RECAP- We are grateful and appreciative of your continued support. Together, we are making Arkadelphia a better place to live, work, and play. #MovingArkadelphiaForward #ArkadelphiaTaxInitiative


SPECIAL CALLED MEETING-There will be a Special Called Meeting for the Board of Directors, Monday, May 24th, 2021 at 5:30 at Town Hall. Attached is the Agenda for the Special Meeting.
-Call to Order
-Consider Resolution for Feater Trail
-Consider Resolution for Safe Routes to School
LINK to Watch Special Meeting  LIVE


Construction of upgrades and improvements to the AWU Gum Springs Water System were financed by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. The DWSRF program is administered by the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission with joint funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the State of Arkansas. This project involves upgrades and improvements to the AWU Gum Springs Water Distribution system including replacement of approximately 3.9 miles of water line, procurement and installation of an automatic meter reading system complete with 400 new water meters, construction of a new booster pump station, rehabilitation of the elevated water storage tank and installation of a new tank mixing system that will provide water quality benefits such as improved water quality, fire flow protection, system reliability and redundancy for community residents and businesses in and near Gum Springs. DWSRF programs operate around the country to provide states and communities the resources necessary to maintain and improve the infrastructure that protects our valuable water resources nationwide.


The Arkadelphia City Board approved the 2021 Operating Budget (presented on January 5, 2021) for city operations on January 19, 2021, Arkadelphia, City Board Meeting. Resolution R-21-02. 




Mayor Scott Byrd and Assistant Mayor Roland Gosey served as “referees” recently at the pick-up game and illumination event at the refurbished Feaster Park Basketball Courts. Thank you to those who braved the cold to light up the courts! Thank you, Arkadelphia for supporting the #MoveArkadelphiaForwardNeedsInitiative.



More information is forthcoming.



CITY DIRECTOR WARD #3, KEITH CREWS, SWORN IN- New City Ward #3 Director, Keith Crews, was sworn in at the City Board Meeting, Tuesday, January 5, 2021. Director Crews will serve the Arkadelphia City Board through December 31, 2024.

Director Keith Crews is an entrepreneur, business owner, and General Manager for Pioneer Scale Co., Inc headquartered in Benton, Ar. Keith is a leader in the service community and has built a business with a passion for taking care of industrial customers by being a problem solver. “It’s not about how far you get ahead, but how many people you can bring with you.” Keith believes that customer service starts with a team who can communicate, works hard, and has the integrity to stand behind what they sell.
Keith graduated from Henderson State University in 1984 after growing up in Benton, Ar. While at Henderson he served in the Student Government, was active in the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and was a cheerleader for the Reddies. After graduating and marrying Melinda Neel from Arkadelphia, the couple has made Arkadelphia their home for the past 33 years.
Keith currently serves on the HSU School of Business Advisory Committee and HSU’s Alumni Board. In 2019 Keith was inducted into the Henderson State School of Business Hall of Fame and his company, Pioneer Scale was selected in the Reddie 5, an honor for outstanding businesses managed or owned by Henderson Graduates. Keith has been active for the past 8 years in the Henderson Mentorship Experience. Photo credit: Steve Fellers.
REAPPOINTMENT OF ARKADELPHIA VICE-MAYOR ROLAND L. GOSEY- After 14 years of service to Arkadelphia, former Vice-Mayor and former Director Roland Gosey has been reappointed as Vice-Mayor of Arkadelphia by his peers on the City Board, Tuesday, January 5, 2021.
Vice-Mayor Roland L. Gosey is the owner and managing funeral director of Williams Funeral Home, LLC in Arkadelphia and Arkansas. He is a 1996 graduate of Arkadelphia Sr. High School and a 2004 graduate of the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope where he earned an Associate of Applied Science in Funeral Services.
Roland has led Williams Funeral Home to become the premier funeral home in Southwest Arkansas specializing in incomparable service and personalization. Under his management, Williams Funeral Home still remains a positive household name known over the state for its compassionate staff, professional and personalized service.
His previous civic service includes serving as a former member of the Economic Development Corporation of Clark County, a commissioner with the Clark County Election Commission, a board member of Group Living, Inc., Arkadelphia Housing Authority, Arkadelphia Racial and Cultural Diversity Committee, Commissioner with the Arkadelphia Planning and Zoning Commission. He is a past vice-president of Clark County NAACP and a former director with the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors representing Ward 4 and former vice-mayor.
He is a humble member of the historic Greater Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist Church, est. 1867.
He has been a deputy coroner with the Clark County Coroner’s Office since 2005. He currently serves as the Arkadelphia City Board of Directors member-at-large and vice-mayor.
Williams Funeral Home – Arkadelphia
Williams Funeral Home Van Buren – Camden
RE-ELECTED AS ARKADELPHIA CITY DIRECTOR WARD#5, JASON JONES- After 9 years of service to Arkadelphia, former Director Jason Jones has been re-elected to serve as Ward 5 City Director in Arkadelphia on the City Board. Jason Jones will serve through December 31, 2024.
Director Jason Jones is beginning his second term as Ward # 5 City Director. He began his public service as the city director for Ward 1 in January of 2011. After serving for several years in Ward 1 his family moved across town and Director Jones was elected to represent Ward 5.
Jason is the Executive Director of the Arkadelphia Promise, a scholarship program that is aligned with a small group of cities that were created to help students pay for college from their local school districts. He began working with the Arkadelphia Promise in 2011 after a 20-year high school and college coaching career.
Jason is a member of Park Hill Baptist Church and leads the Park Hill Worship Band. He is married to Dr. Rebecca Jones, Associate Professor of Communications at Ouachita Baptist University. Jason and Rebecca have two sons, Anderson (17) and Sullivan (15).
RE-ELECTED AS ARKADELPHIA CITY DIRECTOR WARD# 2, CHRIS PORTER- After several years of service to Arkadelphia, former Director Chris Porter has been re-elected to serve as Ward#2 City Director in Arkadelphia on the City Board. Chris Porter will serve through December 31, 2024.
Director Chris Porter graduated from Henderson State University with a Master’s in Counseling. Chris currently is practicing as a psychotherapist.
Director Chris Porter is married to AJ. They have two children. Matthew 16 and Lyndi 20. Chris Porter and his wife have lived in Arkadelphia since 1986. Chris and his family are a member of Baring Cross Missionary Baptist Church. When Chris is not working he enjoys anything outdoors and anything competitive


 The Arkansas Department of Transportation is proposing to construct a new Arkadelphia Bypass that will extend from Highway 67 to Highway 51 in Clark County.
The Virtual Location Public Hearing will begin at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 19, 2020.
The ArDOT project staff will give a presentation regarding the project. The presentation will include both audio and visual components and will be in English. After the presentation, the project team will respond to questions and comments from attendees.
View the Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 5:30PM meeting invite for more information:


Crews will be out on Wednesday, September 30, 2020 cutting back trees limbs that hang less than 14’ above streets or less than 9’ above sidewalks. They will also be trimming back limbs and shrubs that visually impair traffic signs or block the view of drivers at street corners.
“It has been a long time since trees and shrubs have been trimmed back to heights that are safe for travel and don’t hinder emergency vehicles and other equipment,” said Mayor Scott Byrd. “it is all part of cleaning up and Moving Arkadelphia Forward.”

Trails Master Plan

Arkadelphia Preliminary Trail Master Plan

The City of Arkadelphia is developing a Trails Master Plan that will assess the current condition of trails and prioritize recommendations for improvements.



This survey asks your opinions on walking, cycling, and using trails in Arkadelphia. The results of the survey at the link below will be used to inform the overall Trails Master Plan recommendations.
Please click the link below to complete our survey!


Joint Communication from the County of Clark and City of Arkadelphia.

Please see the attached press release from the City of Arkadelphia regarding the update of a positive test in Clark County.  City and County Officials will provide additional information tomorrow.

COVID-19 Information from Dr. Pahls

Dr. Wendell Pahls of Baptist Health shares information regarding COVID-19 on KATV’s Saturday Daybreak at the link below.

Flattening the Curve​

Our friends at Baptist Health have shared links and information that we will be sharing today. The first link speaks about flattening the curve. Preventing the spread and exposure from person to person contact allows our medical professionals and facilities to adequately serve those that need immediate care.…/

Modified Operations/Closings

The current emergency regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an ever-changing, fluid situation. In our best efforts to protect the citizens and our employees we working with the appropriate healthcare officials to ensure we have the most current information. We encourage you to follow the guidelines determined by the Arkansas Department of Health and the CDC. Below are updates regarding public facility operations.
The Arkadelphia Recreation Center will close and remain closed until further notice.
Town Hall, Fire Station One and the Police Station will remain open for public business. However, to prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus, visitors to city facilities will be restricted to designated areas of entry. The designated area for Town Hall will be the South Entrance, (Water Department). The North end facing Clay St. will remain locked.
Additionally, following CDC guidelines and the President’s request, please don’t congregate in crowds of 10 or more in public parks.

Pre-Census Fun Day

March 31st from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM in the Arkadelphia Recreation Center Gym the Complete Count Census Committee of Clark County will be hosting a Pre-Census Funday for the children of Arkadelphia. We will provide hot dogs, popcorn, and drinks to those that attend, and there will be bounce houses for the kids! If you are a member of an organization that would like to set up a booth to hand out candy or take away information to the children and parents please complete the short 4 question survey at the link below. The Census is very important to future funding for our community so please join us for this fun and educational event!

Pine Street Signal Light Updates

1. The City has been given approval from ArDOT to move forward with a study for the implementation of a protected left-turn signal at WP Malone and Pine (coming into town). The engineering firm has been contracted and we anticipate the necessary study by March 17th. This will allow staff to bid the project and contract to have the light installed.

2. The light at 26th and Pine is not cycling property due to the loops in the pavement which have been damaged. Staff is working with a local contractor to provide new infrared cameras on the pole masts which will overcome the continuing issues with the sensor loops in the pavement being damaged and causing the lights not to cycle optimally.

3. The staff has been working with ArDOT for the installation of a traffic light at Professional Drive and Pine to protect ambulances and others going or coming from the hospital. The light passed a warrant study by ArDOT and we are in the process of securing an engineering contract to complete an installation study for ArDOT’s approval. This will take up to a year to complete and get the light installed but the journey has begun.

Pediatrics Plus Ground Breaking

The following photos are from the Pediatrics Plus groundbreaking ceremony hosted at Ouachita Baptist University this morning! This is a great step towards additional professional and educational opportunities within Arkadelphia!

With the development of this facility, Ouachita Baptist University will begin its new Masters of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, which is the only full applied behavioral analysis program in the state!

Updates to Youth Sport Complex Fields

Athletic Field Services of Arkansas did a fantastic job on our full sized baseball and softball fields at the Youth Sports Complex! The four little league fields are scheduled to be done within the next three weeks. This is a Move Arkadelphia Forward project.

For updates on all Move Arkadelphia Forward projects please visit the 2019 Arkadelphia Needs Initiative Page on our new website!

City Wins Business Excellence Award

The City of Arkadelphia was honored to receive the annual Business Excellence Award at the Arkadelphia Alliance and Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet! We are very humbled to receive this recognition. We look forward to improving the city’s infrastructure and moving Arkadelphia forward in 2020!

In honor of Severe Weather Awareness Week and the City of Arkadelphia is sharing information to help you and your loved ones to be aware of safety measures to plan for in case of an emergency. Please review the infographics below provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Rebranding Initiative

With input from graphic design professionals and other city leaders and residents, The City of Arkadelphia Board of Directors launched a rebranding initiative for the city at the March 3, 2020 meeting, by voting to adopt a new logo and visual identity. The image below illustrates the inspiration for the new design. The design is unique and graphically represents our geographic location, while providing an opportunity for us to tell our story.

City Board of Directors Meeting March 3, 2020

The Board of Directors will meet at 5:30 PM in the City Hall boardroom today, Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Arkadelphia Branding Presentation
  • Approve Resolution to Annex 115 +/- acres
  • Legislative Audit Report

City Board of Directors Meeting February 18, 2020

The Board of Directors will meet at 5:30 PM in the City Hall boardroom today, Tuesday, February 18, 2020. The agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Approval of Board Minutes from February 4, 2020 – Mayor Byrd
  • Approval of Contract with Gum Springs Water Utility – Gary Brinkley
  • 2019 Financial Recap – City Manager’s Annual Report- Gary Brinkley
  • GovDeals Listing for Fire Dept. – Gary Brinkley

Planning Commission/Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting February 20th, 2020.

The Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment will meet Thursday February 20th at 5:30 PM in the City Hall Board Room.  Items to be discussed are listed below with the attached agenda to follow.

  • Public hearing to consider Taylor King Enterprises LLC’s front yard variance request to construct an addition to his existing office building at 320 Main Street.
  • Staff Report for Taylor King request
  • Public hearing to consider a request by Tate Temple Church of God in Christ to reduce the required num her of parking spaces for a new church at 2005 Pine Street.
  • Staff Report for Tate Temple COGIC request
  • Adjourn Board of Zoning Adjustment
  • Call the Planning Commission to order.
  • Consider the January I 6, 2020 Planning Commission minutes.
  • Building Department Report, DeAnna Graves

Remembering Mayor James Calhoun

The City of Arkadelphia grieves the loss of our former Mayor and friend, James Calhoun.  Mayor Calhoun served on the City Board of Directors for 18 years beginning his service as City Board Member-At-Large in 2001, until appointed as Mayor from 2015- 2019.  Mayor Calhoun was instrumental in various ways during his tenure on the City Board of Directors including the Arkadelphia Coming Together (ACT) initiative, which was the plan that brought the Aquatic Park, Recreation Center, River Park Amphitheater, the Youth Sports Complex, and updates to Feaster Trail.  During his tenure as Mayor, Arkadelphia progressed in various ways including the development of the new Ouachita River Bridge, Desoto Bluff Trail Pavilion, and Water Utility Consolidation between Arkadelphia and Gum Springs.  He also presented more than 100 proclamations for various events/celebrations held in Arkadelphia.  Originally from Star City, Arkansas, he and his family moved to Arkadelphia in 1984 when he accepted the position of Pastor at Baring Cross Missionary Baptist Church where they served for 20 years.  Mayor Calhoun continued his ministry service as the Promotional Director of Arkansas Missions Projects raising money for missionaries and building plans.  Mayor Calhoun retired from his position as Mayor in September of 2019.  During a 2019 interview, he shared, “This town has been good to us; we have a lot of friends here, and Arkadelphia is a Great Place to Call Home.”

City of Arkadelphia Board of Directors Meeting

The City of Arkadelphia Board of Directors will meet at 5:30 PM in the City Hall boardroom, Tuesday, January 21st.
The agenda for the meeting includes:
Approval of minutes from January 7th Meeting
Approval of minutes from January 7th Budget Workshop
Consideration and Action Regarding Resolution to Adopt 2020 Budget.
Acceptance of Ross Foundation Grant
Approval of the 2020 Alliance Contract
Sale of Arkadelphia Fire Department Airpacks
Crist Engineers Agreement
Resolution on Tourism


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day Operating Hours

In observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, January 20th the City of Arkadelphia hours of operations will be as follows:
Town Hall (Administration, Building Department, Water Department) – Closed
Recreation Center – Open 6:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Sanitation Department – Closed – No Residential trash pick-up and no make-up day.
Have a safe and fun holiday weekend!

Madden 20 Tournament on February 1st at Recreation Center

The Arkadelphia Recreation Center will be hosting a Madden 2020 Tournament on Saturday, February 1st.  Each participant must pay a $25.00 entry fee, 30% of the total entry fees collected will go to the winner of the tournament and 15% will be awarded to second place.  Special thanks to Game Stop of Arkadelphia for providing the equipment for the tournament!  For more information contact Junior Rodemeyer at

Phase 1 of Signage Upgrades Begins


Over the course of the next month, new signs will be posted on the streets highlighted on the Phase 1 Signage Map attached below. Batson Signs is helping the Street Department to replace older worn signs with new signs with enhanced reflectivity among the major streets within Arkadelphia.

Youth Volleyball League Beginning  in Late February 

Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Department will be hosting a Co-Ed Youth Volleyball League.  Registration deadline is February 8th by 5:00 PM, practice will begin February 19th and games beginning February 25th.  Participants will be divided into two divisions based on grades (3rd and 4th Grade Division and 5th and 6th Grade Division.)

Moving Arkadelphia Forward Update

•The water leaking into the north side of the Arkadelphia Police Department has been repaired.
•The air conditioning at the Arkadelphia Police Department has been replaced and is now operational.
•The leaking window on the north side of Arkadelphia Fire Department Station 2 has been fixed and the sheetrock repairs made.
•City Staff is working with an engineering firm to scope work for repairs at the Aquatic Park, drainage and street lights.
More to come!

Parks and Recreation Department Adopts Youth Fastpitch Softball Program

The Arkadelphia Parks and Recreation Department proudly announces that we are adopting the responsibility of managing the Youth Fast Pitch Softball Program. This program was previously managed by the Arkadelphia Fast Pitch Association, and their dedication to this program is greatly appreciated. We are excited to move this project forward and to continue a wonderful softball program for the local youth and surrounding communities. More information and registration information will be coming soon!

Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment Meeting

The monthly Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Adjustment meeting will be held on January, 16th at 5:30 PM in the Town Hall Board Room. Agenda items include:
2 Sign variances
1 Special permit request for signage
The Agenda Packet for this meeting is available at the link below.

Basketball After Dark

Join the Parks and Recreation staff from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Wednesday Nights from January 15th – February 19th.  $5.00 Drop-in fee, or $25.00 for all 6 weeks!  Contact Megan Engeler at for more information.

Founders Day Celebration

We had a great time celebrating the 163rd anniversary of the Incorporation of the City of Arkadelphia!  Special thanks to Samantha’s Sweets and Java Primo for providing deserts and drinks!

Arkadelphia Founders Day Celebration

        Arkadelphia was incorporated on January 6th, 1857. To commemorate our founding, The City Staff invites the community to celebrate 163 years of Arkadelphia on January 9th from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM on the first floor of Town Hall. Cakes and other goodies from Samantha’s Sweets will be provided as well as cider and hot chocolate from Java Primo. After you celebrate with us, visit the Clark County Historical Museum and their special display of Arkadelphia’s history! Finally, to complete the evening, stroll around downtown during our first Open Late ‘Til 8 event of the year! Several of our Downtown businesses will be open until 8:00 PM and don’t forget to pick up your passport for a drawing. The winner of the drawing will be announced the week of January 13th-17th 2020.

New Police Vehicles Expected for Spring 2020

To begin phasing in our new Police Department vehicles, we will see 8 new vehicles in the department around April of this year! The attached image is a sample of what our new Police cars will look like in 2020!

Safety Upgrades at Youth Sports Complex

Baseball Field #5 at the Youth Sports complex has received safety updates recently. We have replaced the 20ft. poles with 30 ft. poles that will expand 145 ft. wide with netting to prevent foul balls from flying into the concession area, or toward spectators at nearby softball fields.

Concrete Work at Arkadelphia Police Station


Much needed improvements at the Arkadelphia Police Station began with foundation concrete work was completed!

Feaster Trail Drainage Upgrades


The Feaster Trail drainage project near the 10th Street Bridge is complete! This will improve drainage and provide a better recreation experience for those that frequent Feaster Trail!

Parks and Recreation Hosts Youth Volleyball Clinic

 The registration deadline for the Youth Volleyball Clinic is Jan. 17th at 6:00 PM! Boys and girls who participate will be instructed by HSU and OBU coaches and their student-athletes!

Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League

The Parks and Recreation Department is hosting an Adult Co-Ed Volleyball League!  Registration Deadline is January 8th, and the league starts on January 13th.  Contact Megan Engeler at for additional details!

New Turnout Gear at Arkadelphia Fire Department

Christmas came early at Arkadelphia Fire. Our firefighters are now all fitted with new turnout gear replacing our outdated gear. This helps ensure the safety of each firefighter. Funded by Move Arkadelphia Forward 2019. A huge thanks to the Citizens of Arkadelphia for making this department better for our community.

New Extrication Tools Received by Arkadelphia Fire Department

A big thanks to the citizens of Arkadelphia.  Arkadelphia Firefighters are unpacking and prepping our new extrication tools to be put in service this week. These tools will allow our rescue crews to be more efficient while working vehicle wrecks. Funded by Move Arkadelphia Forward 2019.
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