700 Clay Street, Arkadelphia, AR | 870-246-9864

The Administration department works to support the various departments and provide a smooth base of operations. Led by City Manager Gary Brinkley, the department is comprised of three (3) subset departments that strive to support city employees and provide a high quality of life for area residents. 

City Manager’s Office

The City of Arkadelphia operates under a city manager style of government. The city manager works with the mayor of Arkadelphia (Dr. Scott Byrd) and reports to the city’s Board of Directors.

Arkadelphia has been under the leadership of City Manager Gary Brinkley since 2016. 

The City Manager works directly with the City Clerk. To contact his office, email City Clerk Samantha Roybal or call 870-246-9864.


The Communications Department is a subset of the Administration Department. The goal of the city’s Communication Department is to inform area residents of ongoing projects and events while promoting the city’s brand established in 2020.

The communications department is led by the Director of Communications and is staffed with seasonal interns. To contact the city’s Communication Department, click here or call 870-246-9864.


The Finance Department is a subset of the city’s Administration Department. Led by the City Treasurer, the Finance Department works hand-in-hand with city departments to create, manage and maintain yearly budgets. This department also facilitates all payroll and accounts payable needs. 

To contact the Finance Department, click here to email the City Treasurer, or call 870-246-9864.

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