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The Arkadelphia Police Department is dedicated to serving and protecting the community. APD is divided into five divisions which include Administration, Communications, Crime Investigation, Patrol Officers and Code Enforcement.

About APD


The administration division of the Arkadelphia Police Department consists of Police Chief Jason Jackson, a communications supervisor and an administrative clerk. 

Code Enforcement

The code enforcement division is led by a full-time code enforcement officer. 

This officer is responsible for enforcing ordinances that deal with beautification concerns in city limits. This includes but is not limited to: 

  • Dilapidated structures
  • Signage
  • Trash/debris
  • Junk cars
  • High grass
  • Tall weeds

In addition to these issues, this officer also assists with responsibilities for APD, as needed. 

Criminal Investigation

The criminal investigation division is comprised of two (2) officers. 

This division is responsible for all cases or incidents requiring an investigation, including felony and misdemeanor charges. 

Dispatch & Communications

The dispatch & communications division is comprised of four (4) full-time dispatchers and one (1) part-time dispatcher. These dispatchers are trained to use the databases and equipment associated with the National Crime Information Center and Arkansas Crime Information Center.

The communications supervisor serves in a multi-functional position. This person supervises communications, assists with APD’s annual budget, maintains records for all officers/dispatch activity statistics and supervises court dockets/bond and fine intake.


The patrol division is considered the eyes and ears of the Police Department. This division handles day-to-day incidents and calls that are the majority of the department’s activities. 

The patrol division is comprised of four, four-officer shifts. Each shift has one (1) shift supervisor and three (3) patrol officers. 

The Police Department works with Arkadelphia Public School District to provide school resource officers at its campuses. These officers are considered part of the patrol division. APD provides three (3) school resource officers to the district. Goza Middle School and Arkadelphia High School have a designated officer assigned to each campus, while the third resource officer splits their time between Peake Elementary and Perritt Primary. 

Community Engagement

Information coming soon. 

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